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Ameri-Cure Truck Booth

Ameri-Cure Inc. has been manufacturing high quality spray booth solutions for almost 40 years for customers all across the industrial spectrum. Solutions for Aeronautics and Automotive to Marine and Wood Finishing and everything in between.

Our energy efficient designs provide for high production and extended service life providing excellent Return on Investment.

No matter what the size, your booth will be engineered for exceptional down draft airflow for an excellent spray environment. And with the side exhausts you will keep overspray down and away from your product and technicians.

You can choose from one continuous cabin or one of our Dual Environment cabins that allow you to have one large continuous cabin for large projects or two cabins with separate heating and baking capabilities for smaller projects.

Ameri-Cure Inc.'s Air Make Up units are best placed next to the cabins indoors for ease of maintenance but can also be located outdoors as shown above. Our Igloo Energy Management System gives you supreme energy efficiency even in frigid temperature regions.

Ameri-Cure Inc. is dedicated to providing lasting solutions for your refinish needs. All of our product systems are engineered and tested for premium results. Our Igloo Energy Management System achieves industry leading efficiency so that your energy costs are at a minimum while delivering maximum results.

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