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PowerCart Conveyor

The PowerCart offers flexibility, performance and value unequaled by any other system. This system uses self propelled carts traveling along a 1/2" high floor track that enables easy access into your finishing area. Each PowerCart is independent, allowing it to easily roll over and be removed off the track so you can add and remove carts form the line at your convenience. You can stop a PowerCart at anytime and the second it senses something in its path it immediately comes to a gentle stop. Attached to the track are magnetic Line Stops that activate a time delay switch inside the PowerCart. This adjustable time delay can be set from seconds to minutes. The Line Stops are easily attached to the track and placed at any point where you want the PowerCart to stop. Each PowerCart has sensors in the table top to stop the system when another PowerCart is within 12 inches, a side kick switch can also be used to stop it.

At the end of the day or during breaks the operator deactivates the PowerCart in the paint booth and all other units line up behind it waiting for the operator to return. A cart on demand switch allows the painter to determine when a PowerCart is to enter the paint booth. Production is controlled by the operator! PowerCarts travel between stations at 26 fpm so they are always waiting on the operator. The faster your operator can finish the task, the higher the daily output. A complete system can be installed in 2 days and you can reconfigure your finishing system at anytime with little cost. Click below to see a schematic of a typical PowerCart installation.