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ClimateRight Touch Screen Control Panel

Enhance your Ameri-Cure spray booth system with the ClimateRight touch screen control panel. This full featured control panel is offered in 5.7", 10" or 12" color screens.

The ClimateRight system features an easy to use menu system simplifies your daily tasks. You have full control over your paint temperature, bake temperature, bake timer and more. No more buttons, switches, indicator lights or complex configuration systems. Our full featured PLC ensures accuracy and ease of installation.

Our included automatic maintenance system notifies you when you need to perform the required maintenance to ensure your equipment performs the same as the day you purchased it, and last for years.

This system is designed with you in mind. By offering an easy to use system, maintenance warnings and more you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying about your equipment. Your spray booth is one of the most expensive equipment you have in your facility so secure it with ClimateRight!